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Spa Repair & Spa Maintenance


Why Service Your Pools & Spas with Greene Brothers?

Keeping your pool or spa clean and balanced is not only time consuming, but it can also be complicated. Let Greene Brothers take the struggle out of maintaining your pool or spa.

Don’t make the mistake of just treating your swimming facilities with chemicals and forgetting about all the equipment hidden under the deck or in the filter shed.

Filters, heat pumps, ozone units, and chlorinators are some of the equipment that keeps your pool running safely and need to be examined on an annual basis. We would recommend that you consider servicing these parts regularly to ensure the efficiency or each component remains at suitable levels and avoid any potential issues in the future.

With regular routine maintenance, especially in Winter & Summer, your pool will have clearer water, will be easier to clean, and all the equipment will work more efficiently and effectively.

And you don’t have to supply or store a thing. Greene Brothers’ pool care professionals bring all their own tools and use and provide only the best products – from chlorine to pH, and alkalinity increase and decrease – to keep your pool clean, looking good, and economical to run.


Our Pool Maintenance Services:

Electrical Equipment Servicing & Repair

Greene Brothers service a wide range of electrical swimming pool equipment including swimming pool, hot tub, or Jacuzzi spa filters, pumps, automatic cleaners, heat pumps, ozone units, and auto chlorinators. Make sure you get your pool & spa serviced now so you can make sure they’re ready to use in spring.

Water & pH testing

Greene Brothers offer water testing services, just drop in and see us with a sample of your swimming pool or spa pool water. We have a range of pool chemicals available and also stock the non-toxic simplesilver™ spa pool treatment. Simply contact us to consult with one of our friendly staff!

Sand Change

Your filter is full of special sand that helps to filter out bacterias and dirt from your pool. If left for too long, this sand can become clogged and ineffective, making your pool expensive to treat with chemicals. Costly damage can also occur within the filter. Talk to us now to get your pool/spa filter checked.

Pool & Spa Valet Service

Basic Swimming Pool Valet: Our Basic Pool Care service includes Pool vacuum, basket clear and wash, backwash.

Standard Swimming Pool Valet: Our Stand Pool Care services such as Pool vacuum, basket clear, backwash, chemical balance, and application.

Deluxe Swimming Pool Valet: Deluxe Pool Care Services include Pool walls scrubbed, pool vacuum, backwash, chemical balance and application, report on pumps motors and equipment.

Spa Pool Valet: Our Spa Care Services include filter swap and clean, pool chemical balance, vacuum, cover clean and treated.

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