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Avoid costly electric motor problems, and save time and money during the busy season.

Tip #1 – Bearing Load
The weight of the rotor in an inactive motor expels the grease from the bearing surfaces removing the protective film that impedes metal to metal contact over a period of a month or so. This can lead to rust spots in the bearings, which means the bearings will have to be replaced. Motors with belt driven loads are even more likely to suffer from this problem and should have their shafts rotated manually every couple of weeks. ENSURE THE MOTOR IS ISOLATED FROM THE POWER SUPPLY.

Tip #2 – Pumps
Before you shut down for the season, check all your pumps for leaking seals. This fault usually shows up as water dripping from the shaft between the motor and the pump housing. If this fault is ignored, water can enter the motor through the bearing housing and destroy the bearing but also the motor windings.

Tip #3 – Motor Windings
The most costly fault you can have is a blown winding. When a motor is allowed to sit unused in cold, damp conditions; condensation will form on the windings. When the motor is put back into service the heat developed causes the moisture to settle. If there is enough moisture it will cause a short in the windings which means either a new motor or a rewind.

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